Sarbona students can now look forward to bi-weekly educational outings in the community! Just another way we are spreading learning beyond the classroom.

No upcoming events

A new choice for Bradenton families.

Sarbona College Preparatory Academy is a private educational institution focused on providing meaningful educational experiences for the students of today. Sarbona was founded by classroom teachers. The same folks who have worked the front lines of educating today's teens and have the knowledge and ability to create learning environments which empower and motivate the individual student.

Students' experiences in the classrooms and their behavior within the same are a product of the environment which the educational facility and staff create. At Sarbona academy we believe that the teacher and not the student is ultimately responsible for cultivating the learning environment. Students are held accountable and the instructors are as well. Every child can learn and it is our mission to make sure that they do.

Our mission is to guide diverse and inclusive groups of young men and women with active minds, to promote a sense of understanding and compassion for others and endow student with a lifelong love of learning. We stress the total development of each student: moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physicial. We diligently provide challenging curriculum paired with individualized instructions and support service to meet the need of dynamic domestic students population. 

Fall Programs Now Enrolling.

  • For the 2013/14 school year Sarbona offering a full array of core classes and a variety of exciting elective course options in a Full Time traditional setting as well as Part Time Schedules! Download an application on our admissions page!